A webhook is an HTTP-based callback function that enables event-driven communication between two systems.

If you want to receive updates on reservations you have submitted, you can provide us with a URL which we will use to send you a push notification.

To set up a webhook, you need to create an endpoint that accepts POST requests with a specific payload and then provides us with the URL to your API. Once the webhook is set up, you no longer need to poll the reservation resource to check if there is an update on reservation status, Katanox will automatically send a single HTTP POST request to the webhook URL as soon as there is an update on reservation status.

Here's an example of the payload that you can expect to receive:

	"reservation_id": 629812,
	"status": "CONFIRMED"
  • reservation_id field contains the positive integer ID of the reservation that Katanox provided to you.
  • status field contains the new updated reservation status, which can be one of the following enumerated values: MODIFIED, CONFIRMED, CANCELLED, FAILED, or MODIFICATION_FAILED.